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26 Oct
MEP-Supervisor Plumbing(Job-ID-MEP-J1648)
5-8 Years    Doha, Qatar

.Should supervise the installation, repair and maintenance of water, plumbing and heating systems; maintain records and files; prepare reports. .Have to plan, schedule and assign the activities of plumbers. .Should supervise the i... Read More

nstallation and repair of hot and cold water, oil, steam or gas pipes and necessary connections. .Have to prepare and analyze reports and charts concerning worker utilization and job time rates. .Should have knowledge to establish work standards, production control, job priorities and preventative maintenance teams. .Should make sketches for plumbing layouts and determine types and quantities of materials necessary. .Have to determine time and cost estimates for plumbing jobs. .Should obtain materials necessary to complete the job. .Should supervise plumbing shop and perform plumbing shop work and related jobs. .Should able to assist skilled workers of related trades in general plumbing maintenance work. .Have to maintain plumbing tools and equipment.

Additional Requirements
  • 5-8 YearsYears Experience
  • Supervisor Ducting
  • Any