27 Oct
Site Engineer - HVAC

.Should ensure that the work progresses smoothly, bottlenecks anticipated and effectively removed with the aim of successfully completing the project within the time schedule.
.Should ensure that the contractor observes laws pertaining to labour and wages paid are not less than the minimum stipulated.
.Assist the general building contractor or an appropriate work agency in establishing contact with the Local Authorities viz., Municipal, Electric supply, etc., to facilitate early availability of water supply, sewerage/electricity connections (as the case may be) at the time of their actual need.
.Should ensure that decisions on various aspects in connection with site works are obtained from Competent Authority well in advance of the actual commencement of the items of work by the contractor including any addition to, or alteration of, substitution to or deletion of or any item or part thereof with or without the incidence of extra items.
.Should ensure that instructions received verbally or in writing from the Competent Authority are properly complied with. It shall also be seen that verbal instructions given by visiting officers are confirmed in writing by the concerned officers.
.Should ensure that floors under construction are not overloaded with stacks of material or plant.
.Should ensure that holes for anchors/conduits/pipes are left in masonry or concrete at appropriate time and anchors/conduits/pipes are embedded or built in as required.
.Should ensure that partially constructed work is cased in or protected from damage.