30 Nov
Site Engineer - Fire Fighting

Should plan, schedule, conduct and coordinate the technical and management aspects of the assigned projects
Should manage the Technical Supervisors and Technicians to get up to date information for forecasting site progress on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
Should receive all the equipment, materials, and tools as requested and reconciling them with the requested orders to ensure accuracy, completeness, and condition of items.
Should ensure that all the necessary materials required to start the work for the day has been acquired and made ready at least one or two days beforehand to ensure quick deployment in at the start of the work to maximize time on site.
Should ensure that the team on site has the required knowledge for installation, testing and commissioning the system and providing any kind of assistance if requested and when required.
Should know the work to foresee any problems during the installation so that proper corrective action can be undertaken to resolve the issue. This includes coordinating with the required on-site people to find a solution to the problem.
Should maintain an accurate attendance of employees on site.
Should complete all the tasks required and requested and to report their status during the weekly meeting and as per the requirement of the site.
Should ensure that the standard of the installed works is in accordance with the technical and quality specification of the contract and quality of workmanship is maintained at high standards
Should keep track of order variations on site and coordinates with the proper personnel for ordering the materials and ensuring prompt delivery to site.
Should resolve all issues that the Site team might face during installation, testing and commissioning of the project phases. Ensure that all unresolved site issues are promptly conveyed to the Division Manager to be resolved in a timely manner as per standard procedures.