25 Jan
Planning Engineer

Coordinate with the Central Procurement Department and various suppliers to expedite the various procurement, supplier payment and delivery processes as per the agreed baseline schedule.

Prepare and updating the Progress Sheets to measure, monitor and control the overall project progress on weekly basis.

Setting out the daily work allocation sheet to measure, monitor and improve the productivity of the team in line with the budgeted/designed productivity level.

Update the Baseline Schedule on weekly basis to monitor the critical path activities.
Prepare of Monthly/Weekly Reports for the Progress Status updates against the Planned schedule.

Prepare of Lookahead Schedules for the construction team along with the various resources requirement plan like material, manpower, tools and equipments.

Monitor of Manpower Productivity on weekly basis to control the manpower deployment within the budget.

Prepare of delay notifications on submittal approvals,procurement/manufacturing clearances, authority approvals/NOCs, work front availability and subsequent EOT program submission prior to cost claims for the extension of time.

Prepare and Monitoring of Monthly Dash Board Report to Head Office and Corporate office for Division director and CEO`s review respectively.

Participate in the Budget Monitoring Processes like calculation of Cost to Complete, Cost at Completion values.