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22 May
Doha, Qatar

.The Ideal candidate will act in the capacity of Quality control and Quality Assurance Engineer for projects..In perspective for Quality assurance, the QA/QC engineer will predominantly focus on quality checks (QA) of products and... Read More

services utilized during project execution while under quality control (QC), the QA/QC engineer is expected to define quality control plans in order to ensure that quality as per client/contract expectations/ requirements are not compromised minimizing the risk factors to the most possible extent..Essential planning and coordination of quality control activities will have to be conducted, which includes close knit coordination with project managers, Draftsmen, site engineers and supervisors in order to detail the importance of quality on projects and acquire cooperation for the necessary implementations..Under Quality control, the QA/QC engineer will have to ensure that the purchase requisitions raised by the Site Engineers/Project Managers are in compliance with the requirements and standards of Resource Requirement. Any non-compliance of such requisitions has to be minimized by stringent checks on the products acquired and utilized during projects implementation..Service quality of internal and external workers will have to be constantly monitored through stringent operating procedures to be followed during implementation with strict supervision of Supervisors, & foreman..Therefore the QA/QC engineer will also review and approve documentation, reports, and sub-contractor audits and implement stringent controls on project non-compliances on both products and services. Deficiencies on projects quality will have to be looked into with a detailed eye.

Additional Requirements
  • 8-10 YearsYears Experience
  • QA/QC Engineer - MEP
  • Any