MEP Coordinator

MEP Coordinator


  • 16 Nov 2016
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  • MEP Coordinator will coordinate the mechanical, electrical and plumbing portion of the construction process, including direct oversight of various MEP specialty contractors.
  • Coordinate MEP services with Civil works and other parties.
  • To advice on any impact on services caused by Architectural changes and raise query to Main Contractor & Consultant.
  • To liaise with Project Manager on construction issues seeking advice / requiring assistance.
  • To assist and coordinate with QS and Planning Engineers for updating MEP services progress.
  • Ensuring that service provision clearance is provided in time before construction.
  • To oversee overall MEP services installation as per the scope of work.
  • Coordinate & assist in inspection for overall MEP installation works.
  • Carry out site walks and inspection for service installation, identifying poor quality elements and advise Project Manager & Engineer.
  • Coordinate MEP drawings to ensure all systems work within space constraints and code and keep current and accurate drawings and construction changes to ensure that accurate “as built” documents are provided to Main Contractor & Consultant.
  • Ensure that all MEP site instructions are complied with and any NCRs are immediately addressed.
  • Monitor drawing / material / work conformances with provisions as per specification / DEWA / Civil Defence and other authorities
  • Supervise the production of co-ordination drawings to ensure that all services are coordinated with each other and the building structure is complying with the contract requirements.
  • Ensure all builders works drawings are comprehensive and discussed with the various engineers for the best implementation and installation of services in coordination with other parties and main contractor.

Minimum 10 years experience in similar industry, had worked in MEP Contracting/Construction company


Field construction with hands on experience in installing MEP systems


➤Should have minimum 10 years relevant experience
➤Experience in High rise building projects
➤Experience in MEP contracting

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