10 Sep

.Have to ensure that contractor understands the contract documents including drawings / specs, phase plans, MEP systems interrelationships, workflow & schedule
.Have to address problems that might develop, between consultant / subcontractors
.Should coordinate with consultant on reviews for shop drawings, MEP related designs, HVAC, Fire Alarm / Fighting & provide solution options
.Assist in MEP, HVAC/Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting submittals / comments the submittals
.Have to review installation of MEP, HVAC, Fire Alarm / Fighting works
.Should direct, monitor & control MEP contractor activities
.Have to Coordinate & manage MEP related materials, systems & shop drawings submittals
.Should ensure MEP Subcontractors adhere with relevant Quality records /regulations including safety
.Provide cost estimate support for maintenance projects
.Monitor & report MEP work progress
.Should review drawings submitted by main contractor & verify bill of quantities
.Should review contractor monthly progress valuation of MEP work prior to invoicing
.Have to test & assist commissioning of MEP equipment