15 Jul
HVAC Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. In-charge for overseeing all Mechanical and Electrical works
2. Ensure the MEP work carried out is as per approved shop drawing and within the time frame and progress of the approved construction program.
3. Ensure that the installation, inspection and testing of all the MEP equipment, fittings and work implemented meets the specification and the consultant requirements
4. Verify the accuracy of shop drawings and their compliance to the specification, consultant’s design and existing local authority standard.
5. Review consultant’s design and specification
6. Complete responsibility to decide on day to day work that needs to be carried out by subordinates including: scheduling of activities, assigning task to groups or individuals, accuracy of work conducted, supplying resources and dealing with operational issues and problems.
7. Coordinate with other project personnel to ensure that deadlines, procedures, and other project requirements are met.
8. Liaise with local authorities for the approval of MEP services drawings and service connection.
9. Prepare shop drawing & material submittals for consultant’s approval.

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