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07 Nov
Engineer – Solar(Job-ID-MEP-J1670)
2-5 Years    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Should work closely with other engineers, clients and contractors to discuss existing engineering projects or develop new ones. .Should be able to prepare technical drawings and outlining specifications of electrical systems and m... Read More

aking sure that the designs and installations meet the client's requirements and all the relevant safety regulations..Should also deal with specifications for equipment and materials needed for the project, and determine the requirements and specifications for purchase. .Will be in charge of overseeing the project in order to make sure that it is completed within budget and deadline. .Should supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical components, systems and equipment..Should design systems that mount to outdoor structures and conducting the proper research on solar cell efficiency. Each of these tasks has a detailed set of procedures that must be followed. .Should be able to do planning, executing and documenting projects they are currently engaged in. They have to visualize and perform tests with the intent of reaching the objective. .Should involve in substrate cleaning, coating, printing, thermal evaporation, device encapsulation and device testing. .Will be required to collect, analyze and arrange data in the proper format..Should maintain the laboratory notebooks and logs, prepare technical reports, progress reports, and submit and present these reports.

Additional Requirements
  • 2-5 YearsYears Experience
  • Engineer - Solar
  • Bachelor Degree

19 Sep
5-8 Years    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Have to create checklists for review or inspection of completed solar installation projects.Should conduct engineering site audits to collect structural, electrical, and related site information for use in the design of residentia... Read More

l or commercial solar power systems.Have to design or coordinate design of photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal systems, including system components, for residential and commercial buildings.Should create plans for solar energy system development, monitoring, and evaluation activitiesHave to perform computer simulation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system performance or energy production to optimize efficiencyShould provide technical direction or support to installation teams during installation, start-up, testing, system commissioning, or performance monitoring.Should design or develop vacuum tube collector systems for solar applications.Have to develop standard operation procedures and quality or safety standards for solar installation work.Should test or evaluate photovoltaic (PV) cells or modules.

Additional Requirements
  • 5-8 YearsYears Experience
  • Engineer - Solar
  • Any