23 Nov
Design Engineer - Plumbing

Space planning for plumbing, Knowledge of Plumbing Fixture & Fittings, Traps & Interceptors, Indirect Waste, Sanitary Drainage, Vent, Storm drainage, Water supply External/Internal, Solar Hot Water, Grey Water System, Pumps & Hydroneumatic systems, Plumbing mathematics, latest plumbing technology & trends
Should prepare/review of engineering deliverables like P&I Drawing, Utility flow diagram, utility estimation, piping drawings, plumbing equipment data sheet, specifications and interface.
Should do sizing and selection of Plumbing equipment/bulks
Should prepare material & purchase requisitions
Should do interdisciplinary checks and co-ordination.
Should provide technical inputs to other disciplines.
Should do commissioning support and resolution of site queries.
Should do Vendor evaluation, inspection and testing and review of vendor offers, along with the inspection of vendor material & expediting
Should provide technical inputs regarding vendor product quality & after sales support, understand O&M requirements and provide effective solutions to problems.
Should provide technical inputs required by company and seek input from procurement for budget estimate, plan and organize project related activities.
Should provide status reports and work progress to Lead, proposal Engineering, prepare plumbing budget estimate for the project
Should prepare man hours estimate for Plumbing related engineering activities, prepare Plumbing budget estimate for the project, prepare man hours estimate for Plumbing related engineering activities.