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30 May
Contracts Manager(Job-ID-MEP-J1399)
0-2 Years    Dubai/ Sharjah /Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates

-Develops and implements a strategic direction for supplier performance, working with directors and senior commissioning managers across all Council Directorates.   -Manages the specified portfolio of Counc... Read More

il expenditure on a day-to-day basis in line with the overall strategy   -Ensuring other contractual obligations are fulfilled, including Health and Safety and Sustainability; Understanding the customer experience, including managing any comments or complaints; Communication and escalation internally and externally; Maintaining contingency plans and managing risks; Budget management;   -Delivers efficiencies and service improvements, leading on continuous improvement initiatives      Duties Performed:  -Provides the activities of assigned personnel. Performs supervisory function at the level established by Management. -Coordinates and reviews the tasks and activities involved with more complex contracts in the department Reviews end-user submitted ‘Statement of Requirements’ to determine technical adequacy of work-scope and specifications, and liaises with job officers regarding any required revisions to ‘Statement of Requirements’. -Develops and recommends optimum contracting strategy based on work-scope and other requirements. -Conducts pre-qualification exercise in conjunction with the Job Officers and establishes proposed bidders list for subsequent management approval. -Develops and finalizes presentations from Job Officers to management seeking authorization of proposed bidders list. -Develops tender evaluation procedure and criteria, obtains technical evaluation from Job Officer, directs commercial evaluation of tenders, including subsequent negotiations, if required and coordinates tender evaluation report for review and agreement. •Develops and finalizes presentations from Job Officers to Management, and Shareholders if required, seeking authorization of award of contracts. •Ensures that final contract documents are complete and accurate in all respects prior to timely execution and distribution to concerned parties. •Performs the roles, and the responsibilities, assigned to his position according to the company’s manual.

Additional Requirements
  • 0-2 YearsYears Experience
  • Contracts Manager - MEP
  • Any

08 Apr
Contracts Manager - MEP(Job-ID-MEP-J1325)
10-13 Years    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Participating, as necessary, in developing the solicitation and writing the draft documents. Contract administration must be considered during this process.• Exercising state remedies, as appropriate, where a contrac... Read More

tor’s performance is deficient. • Resolving disputes in a timely manner. • Documenting significant events. • Maintaining appropriate records. The number of participants in the contract administration process will vary in number from one to many depending on the size, level of risk and complexity of the contract. Early in the procurement process, identify staff to participate in contract management. Identify a single contract manager and others to assist the contract manager. Assign roles and responsibilities which may include: • Determining the sequence of activities, dependencies, required or desired outcomes, and acceptable performance levels. • Developing a timetable and start and end date for each performance component. Include milestones with accompanying timeframes, and monitoring and reporting requirements. • Monitoring contractor activity on a specified frequency to identify problem areas. • Meeting with the contractor on a regular basis to review progress, discuss problems and consider necessary changes. • Providing access to state facilities, equipment, data, staff, materials and information. • Contacting other staff as necessary to provide equipment and data. • Establishing scope of authority, clear lines of communication and reporting and specific individuals who will interact directly with the contractor. • Establishing control of correspondence, data and reports. • Identifying potential problems and solutions. • Defining terms or conditions of default. • Establishing a procedure, identifying a responsible person and establishing a timeframe for handling noncompliance. • Establishing a procedure, identifying a responsible person and establishing a timeline for making necessary contract decisions or modifications. P

Additional Requirements
  • 10-13 YearsYears Experience
  • Contracts Manager - MEP
  • Bachelor Degree