Contracts Manager - MEP

Contracts Manager - MEP

Facilities Management / Maintenance

  • Doha, Qatar
  • 07 Dec 2017
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• Participating, as necessary, in developing the solicitation and writing the draft documents. Contract administration must be considered during this process.
• Exercising state remedies, as appropriate, where a contractor’s performance is deficient.
• Resolving disputes in a timely manner.
• Documenting significant events.
• Maintaining appropriate records. 
• Determining the sequence of activities, dependencies, required or desired outcomes, and acceptable performance levels.
• Developing a timetable and start and end date for each performance component. Include milestones with accompanying timeframes, and monitoring and reporting requirements.
• Monitoring contractor activity on a specified frequency to identify problem areas.
• Meeting with the contractor on a regular basis to review progress, discuss problems and consider necessary changes.
• Providing access to state facilities, equipment, data, staff, materials and information.
• Contacting other staff as necessary to provide equipment and data.
• Establishing scope of authority, clear lines of communication and reporting and specific individuals who will interact directly with the contractor.
• Establishing control of correspondence, data and reports.
• Identifying potential problems and solutions.
• Defining terms or conditions of default.
• Establishing a procedure, identifying a responsible person and establishing a timeframe for handling noncompliance.
• Establishing a procedure, identifying a responsible person and establishing a timeline for making necessary contract decisions or modifications. 


 • Monitoring the contractor’s progress and performance to ensure goods and services conform to the contract requirements.
• Managing any state property used in contract performance. • Authorizing payments consistent with the contract terms. 

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