Al Shamat Electromechanical (MEP)

About Al Shamat Electromechanical (MEP)

Al Shamat Company was established in 1990, when its founder, Mr. Mohammad Tahhan, an Engineer in his profession and inspired by his vision, started his own business within an industry in which he was very familiar. Involved in the construction industry, it was only natural for him to establish an organization that would provide a unique MEP service within the UAE and GCC region. He has since established a team of highly experienced professionals that now provides exceptional electrical and mechanical services in combination with 21st century technology whilst simultaneously adapting to newly recognized and accepted business approaches. With Education and Healthcare being regarded as hugely important in the awareness of the UAE government, it was not long before the skills of Al Shamat Company's workforce were utilized, having previously completed the MEP work on several educational and healthcare facilities. Several such contracts were then undertaken over the next few years. Health care is a particularly complex area of MEP work and Al Shamat were fortunate enough to be able to utilize their multi-national workforce experience, earned over many years, to complete the works in some of Abu Dhabi’s respected hospitals. Currently Al Shamat is a company with more than 200 employees (often exceeding 400 with subcontractors) that consistently excels the expected high standards of MEP operations and continues to provide an exceptional service and expertise, on any awarded projects in the region.

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